Thursday, June 15, 2006

After the past 10 days of hard hard work and lots of visitors - Lip and Francis from AGU, a sweet rep from Maeda, straight from Japan, Press from BD and Bridport and some AA admin people, we have reached the finishing line, two days ahead schedule.

The first part of the group left Hooke today, while the rest are staying to relax, and prepare for the end of the year presentation. But all in all, it is now safe to say - pre-fabrication is over and done with!

1:01 AM


at 12:02 PM mr^junkoz said...

Well done guys and welcome back. 2 more days to the tables and the year will be over for the 2nd years. Then, it'll be detox for the year with good music and alcohol. Maybe under your pavilion. Baby ya ya!!!