Friday, May 12, 2006

At Arup's last night at 8pm, with pizza and the technical drawings, Charles and Martin went through the different stages of the construction of the pavilion, and yet again, emphasized the importance of the accuracy of the drawings. Some compromises in the design have to be made to comply with health and safety issues. Since the work was not fully completed, new deadlines have been set and the departure to Hooke Park is delayed.

Charlie will receive the first shipment of timber on Monday morning and only a small group will travel to Hooke Park in the afternoon. Amandine, Naiara, Dana, Eli and Will will be the first to set up shop at Hooke Park, and prepare the plates and the CNC machine.

The rest will follow, with probably Tessa and Evonne the last ones to arrive on Friday. Charles and Martin will join us on Saturday and make sure we are still in peace and not in pieces.

10:54 PM