Sunday, May 21, 2006

With Jesse, Tessa and Hiro arriving on Thursday, and Charles, Martin, Simon and Evonne on Friday night, we have completed all the tasks we have set up for ourselves.

Charles marked up and cut the humongous flange 0; Martin set up a new script for the cnc machine, and we all worked on the jigs, the cuts, and the shifting of these heavy sheets of timber. The idea is to finish cutting all the pieces , including the legs and the bases and to pre drill for the metal plates.

But first, Sunday is here, and while Charles, Martin, Simon and Dana are leaving for London, the only thing left to do is to sleep in, take a walk in the woods (if it ever stops raining) and maybe work on our portfolio for the upcoming Tables.

And Eli? He went back to London on Saturday. Please come back, Eli…

4:42 PM


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