Thursday, May 18, 2006

It was a very productive day today, despite the fact that we are all feeling soar from all the lifting and the cutting and the rearranging. We first corrected some minor mistakes we did yesterday (Eli doing an extremely rigorous quality-control by re-measuring all the sizes), and re-cut some beams. We almost finished cutting all the pieces for the ornamentation and the big flanges (Eli documenting the entire time) and we even set up the Big Board in the back of the workshop.
The cnc machine is still not working, although the charmed technician had sent in a script he wrote for us over night.

It has been raining non-stop for the past 8 hours, so we decided to stay in and order Chinese (Eli's choice). There seems to have been a mix-up with the order, no need to say who’s the poor guy who didn't get his main dish....

8:50 AM