Tuesday, May 16, 2006

We basically moved 8 tons of timber today, and some more, since the plywood also arrived, which had to be unloaded and moved into the workshop.

We also started cutting the beams (not all of them totally accurate) and the flanges (some were lost to the crazy cnc machine that decided to cut the wood to its own liking) but we are confident in our delusional minds that we are actually ahead of schedule.

Although the cnc machine didn't do it's work today, the charming cnc operator who came in to give Charlie and the gang a crush-course in cnc cutting, offered to work on a script for us that will link our Autocad drawings to the cnc beast. No wonder he's working on it tonight, after Amandine charmed him with her lovely peach/tan blouse...

8:11 PM


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